Wednesday, December 26, 2012

unwrapping AND communicating...AMAZING!!!

This was by far the most joyful and special Christmas with Max. He really got into all the joy and action around him...and seemed to enjoy every minute!

Max has never been into unwrapping presents...he usually either ignores the presents or just unwraps it very, very slowly. Not this year...he totally got it and enjoyed every minute. It was awesome!!!

A very cute moment was when Landon, a friend of ours, gave Max the very first gift to unwrap. Yep...not one for himself or his good buddies Jackson and Thomas...but for Max from him. We were all very touched!
Woo hoo...time for presents!

*Notice the iPad beside Max (above)? I programmed a page in his communication device all about Christmas and so he could choose "I want another present please" or "this is for you", etc. He used it several times!

Score! Chocolate chip cookies!
I must be a really good boy that I got stockings at two houses!
Another way to practice my letters...sweet!

I'm getting this unwrapping thing down!
Max unwrapped all his presents by himself...first time ever! Awesome! And he seemed to love all the ripping and tearing. So funny!

This looks like fun!
Cool...Santa brought me Sponge Bob toothpaste and toothbrush!
And last but not least, my very favorite moment of Christmas....Max reading and signing the note from Santa. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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