Wednesday, December 26, 2012

gingerbread houses!

Max has two classes he attends...the first grade gen ed class and the LifeSkills class (his "home base"). On the last day of school before break, he joined his 1st grade class for a party. They made gingerbread houses, ate cupcakes and had lots of fun!

Of course Willow saved a spot for Max...right next to her. She is sooooo sweet!
We brought Max over to check out Josue's house.
Max didn't really care what it looked like...he just wanted a taste of it!
Max dropped a piece of candy and was very upset about it. After finally realizing I wasn't going to get it for him, he crawled under the desk to look for it. And Willow wanted to help her friend too! :)
Max LOVES hair and is partial to ladies with long, brown hair. Sorry Ms. Morgan!

Max seemed pleased with his final creation...but his friend (the photo bomber) definitely was! :)

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