Sunday, January 5, 2014

lovin' my orange pop

We rarely have soda in our house, but we have quite a bit leftover from Z's sleepover this weekend. Max definitely is more interested in drinking fun sodas than boring ol' water so I always look forward to his reaction. Twice I found him carrying around his drink this weekend...and it was awesome. (He still uses his gtube for 95% of his liquids.)

"I was heading upstairs with my ipad and I almost forgot my drink...yikes. Had to come back for my yummy orange pop!"


We went to see Frozen this weekend with some friends...SUCH a great movie! :)  (Love your happy fingers Max!)

the new pink football

After showing great interest in their pink football on New Year's Day, Max was gifted his very own by his cousins, Jackson & Thomas, yesterday. He was quite delighted!


Max wasn't as "into" catching and throwing as he was the other day (notice the hands out to protect himself from that HUGE ball...ha ha)...feeling a little gun shy apparently. But he still very much enjoyed playing. T&J were very patient and kind...truly wonderful to watch!

" there are two balls for me to throw at your heads..."

Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas eve cookie decorating

After church on Christmas Eve, Eliz's family joined us for hot cocoa, cookie decorating and reindeer food. I was quite surprised to see how good Max was at icing! Check out his tree!


And here is a photo taken by Max...Zoey was writing her note to Santa. (her first time!)

christmas morning