Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the photographer

Max is VERY into photos these days...literally taking hundreds every day. Some are pretty darn clever. I especially love that he has learned how to record his voice and enjoys listening to himself (and so do I) over and over...and over and over again!

potty boot camp

Potty Boot Camp has officially started in the McKinley household. It's going to be a long process...but we have a plan, a team and all the necessary supplies. Let's do this!

gym time

Love getting pics from the school team!

Easter egg hunt

Another amazing egg hunt with friends and neighbors! And we were blessed this year with stunningly beautiful, perfect weather...yay!

Max loves a good game of tug of war!
Max has decided climbing on top of people is totally socially acceptable...
good thing he is small and cute! :)

what's up momma?

Getting ready for a big event last week and Max enjoyed just watching me...and distracting me with that cute grin of his! :)