Wednesday, December 26, 2012

perch and play

A new play place opened a few months ago in Bellingham...and we are in love! It's so fun, friendly, clean, accessible...and just so darn cute! For any local friends, I highly recommend you check out Perch & Play ( and it's likely you will see us there. :)
One of Max's Christmas gifts was the fun lil' signature owl and a 12-visit pass. It might soon become our home away from home! Climbing (great for upper body strength and coordination), going up and down stairs (a PT goal), socializing (MAJOR goal for Max) and playing's tons of therapy and fun all rolled up in one!
This first day we were there for two hours!


While Max played independently for a majority of the time, Mom and I took turns checking in with him and redirecting his play (if inappropriate). Thanks Grammy for all your help! Fun to share the experience with you. :)

I am working at the "perch" (organizing his communication app) and Max is up in the orange playhouse...see his sweet lil' head looking through the window?

Max loves to look at lights through his it was only appropriate that he took a break to check out the big lights.

There is also an area with some cool car games, doll houses and more. Max seemed to like that area a lot as well. But hasn't anyone told Max that "crack kills?" hee hee :)

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for sharing Max. You can tell he is having fun and more adventure in every pic.
Carolyn in WV