Saturday, December 1, 2012

watch out comes the dessert diver!

Max LOVES dessert! Nothing motivates him more than the mention of chocolate, cookies or cake. So while he enjoyed much of Thanksgiving dinner, he was definitely more excited when it was time for dessert.

Jackson was served first...and Max simply couldn't wait. He headed straight for Jackson and dove into his plate of yummy pie.

"Don't worry Mom, he won't mind. Jackson adores me!"

"See Mom, I am this cute...I can get away with just about anything!
And yes... I know I am being ornery and I know that makes you giggle. Me too!"

"My silliness makes Jackson giggle too!"

"Ok, I'll back off and be patient...but you better hurry up with my dessert plate!"

And last but not least, I am super proud of my very first turkey. Turned out perfectly...yay!


Carolyn said...

Max is right up there with me. Desserts are awesome. I'm sure Jackson didn't mind at all.
Carolyn in WV

Carolyn said...

BTW~~~~Incredible Amy the turkey looks yummy!