Sunday, December 9, 2012

funny lil' moments

Max has had many funny lil' moments lately...and I must write them down before they are forgotten!

Max really seems to enjoy his friend, Aspasia (aka "Sia), and between school and sharing caregivers, they spend a lot of time together. While Max isn't much into being the center of attention, Sia is quite the social butterfly and is always finding a way to get your attention. While they are quite different, they definitely enjoy one another. Max likes at how much Sia giggles at his antics and often seems to do things just to make her giggle more! Since she isn't able to move around as easily as Max, I often will encourage him to go to her to say goodbye and give her "knuckles" or a kiss on the cheek. The other night was the best ever "goodbye." He not only gave her a kiss...but he went back to give her more, more, more. It was adorable! Gina (his caregiver) and I were laughing and Max loved it. He would look right at us (almost like "watch this ladies!") and go up and give another and another kiss! Sia loved all the loving and so did we! Max's first "make out session"...hee hee! :)

At a Christmas party this weekend, Max was eating some cheese and crackers. When he spotted the cookies, he immediately wanted some of those. I explained to him that he needed to swallow the food first and THEN he could have the cookie. Well, Max decided, "heck, it'd be easier for me to just spit out the food than sit here and try to swallow this mouthful." Yep, he took my hand and carefully spit out his food. Crazy...but very clever!

Max was in his room this morning playing on his iPad while I was getting ready for church. He was eating a peanut butter sandwich and all was well. But suddenly I hear this monster on a rampage. No monster...just Max very angry in the hallway. I calmed him down and finally he signed "I want cookie." Wow, you are one nervy kiddo Max! It's 9am and you are already demanding cookies. Love your memory (we had some the night before) and love that despite being SO angry, you were able to put your thoughts together and sign exactly what you wanted. Well said my little man, well said!

Max insists on tracing EVERYTHING! His teacher and I talked about it recently and we think it started because of all the literacy exercises where they trace words. But now Max thinks he should trace all words and pictures...even the ones he writes.

Max has major issues with lights on in the house when he is trying to go to sleep. It doesn't matter if the light is downstairs...he wants it off. It's quite a routine every night when he goes to bed. Even if all the lights are off, he wants to check them all and must turn them on and off. Well, last night it must have been just too much and he decided he just would sleep with me. It was adorable. But he left all the lights on in the hallway as he walked to my room...and so he turned to me and signed "light off." It was all too cute. :) (Except for trying to fall asleep with a kiddo who grinds his teeth louder than a freight train.)
Max loves having the water running during his baths so that he can have his toes tickled by the water. I turn it off if the water is getting a little high, but sometimes Max disagrees and signs "water, water, water." Well, Max has realized that he doesn't need me to do that anymore and he is turning the water on all by himself. LOVE the independence! 

He took it up another notch the next day. I was turning the lights on and off (since that is his "thing" these days) in the bathroom and he thought it was great...especially when I turned on the lights on his little tree on the bathroom counter. I left the room for a few minutes only to hear the pitter patter of his steps. He got out of the bathtub to turn the lights off. Apparently he wanted to bathe in the glow of his Christmas tree. :)
Max very rarely sits down to watch television...he prefers standing, jumping and really getting "into" the show. But on this day he decided he needed a front row seat, so he dragged over a chair and put it literally right in front of the tv. He only sat down for a minute...but he definitely had the best seat in the house. :)

I have always thought it was a little amusing when I see kids in stores demanding their parents buy them this or that. Amusing because Max never ever asks for things! I have always encouraged him to look, but not much luck. Even when he does seem interested in something, he will check it out and then insist we return it to the shelf. Recently though, he has started to express more interest...yay!!! He picked out a Sponge Bob book the other day (he has never seen the cartoon but apparently is attracted the large yellow character) and wanted it. And then today, he pointed and insisted on a box of Sponge Bob gummy treats. Of course I was more than happy to oblige! LOVE knowing that Max "wants" something and is able to express that to me. :)

Glitter Penguin on CupcakeCAKE
I was picking up a few cutie patootie decorations for Max's bathroom...and I was pointing out the various penguins. (It's one of my favorite signs that Max does so I always find penguins to show him.) Well, when I showed him this penguin on a cupcake (see left), and apparently he thought it was a real cake. He got very upset about it all and really wanted to eat the cupcake. Uh...what a lesson to try and teach in the middle of Pier One!

Anyone noticing a trend in how MUCH Mighty Max loves cookies and cake???

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Carolyn said...

Mighty Max and Incredible Amy, I love the post. Max sure is being Mr. Independant. Love him for wanting to adventure into new things.
Carolyn in WV