Thursday, November 29, 2012

fun lil' milestones

Before I forget, I have to jot down a few fun things Max has done lately.

1) During lunch at school, his aide had her back turned to him while she was helping another student. Max tapped her on her back and when she turned around, he signed "want help."

THIS IS HUGE! Max never has tapped someone to get their attention. So exciting!

2) He did it again! She again was helping another student and he needed help with another food container. He tapped and then signed "want help."

3) I was returning home and Max was there with his caregiver. He must have realized she would leave since I was now there. When he looked up at her, he (WITHOUT any prompting) waved "goodbye."

AGAIN, this is HUGE! He very rarely signs goodbye without a lot of prompting....and this may have been one of the first times he initiated the greeting independently. WOO HOO! :)

4) He has decided his gummy bear vitamins rock and has recently started to ask for them by signing "bear." But since he can only have one a day, I went and got different non-vitamin gummy animals. He will head to the pantry and ask for them independently. So cute! Usually he only independently signs for peanut butter and this is stretching his "eating" vocabulary a bit. :)

5) Years ago, he got really into wearing his hearing aids and would ask for them. While he totally is cool with wearing them (most of the time), he stopped asking for them. He has started again and I love it! Shows that he really does benefit from them. Exciting! Soon we will hopefully be receiving the bilateral BAHA softband and I'm super eager to see how that works for us! :)

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Carolyn said...

Oh what "milestones" whether the are little or big, they are all right up there on the list that Max is checking off.