Thursday, November 29, 2012


Recently Max has become a non-morning person. He gets very frustrated with me if I have the hall light on...or even the bathroom light on...when he is still sleeping. Despite his bedroom door being closed, he will run out just to turn off the lights, loudly grunting/complaining (in his special non-verbal way) the whole way, and head back to bed. It's quite funny actually. (Except at night when it takes an hour to go through the OCD rituals with the lights...and Mommy is just eager to have some peaceful "me" time!)

Mr. Cranky Pants also doesn't like getting ready for typical is that? Love it! :)

This particular morning, Max thought he could avoid lights, the morning, school, etc. by simply hiding under his favorite blanket. And when that was taken away, he thought he could hide under his sweet lil' hands. Sorry baby boy, time to get up! :)

"If I can't see you Momma, you can't see me."

"I see you looking at me...but I'm still not getting up."

"You can take away by blanket...but you can't take away my hands!"
(And how cute is his crazy bedhead hair???)