Saturday, October 6, 2012

it takes a team

Max has been getting therapy through Western's Speech Clinic for over four years. They are so committed and passionate to his progress and are always thinking of new ways to engage and teach him. Gail (the woman on the right) is the team's supervisor and is simply phenomenal. I love that she is willing to push and challenge me and vice versa. We have become great friends through this journey.
Every quarter or two, the student clinicians change but there is always a smooth transition because of the students' communication and with Gail's leadership.
Monday brought a new quarter and on the left are his two new clinicians. Usually I am behind the mirror observing but this day I was in the room. Observing that day made me chuckle a bit. Sometimes it really does take a team to "reach" Maxwell!
Thank you Gail and the Western team for ALL that you do for my little man...we are truly grateful!

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