Monday, October 8, 2012

bone conduction

Last week we went to Seattle Children's audiology clinic to check out a bone conduction hearing aid. We will be trying out this "loaner" for the next month or two. Through many, many, many hearing tests the past few years, it's been determined that while Max has a severe/profound hearing loss....he has near normal hearing when you go through the bones. This was exciting news and offered up a possibility of the BAHA or bone conduction hearing aid.
Finally the loaner was available at Children's and we immediately swept in to claim it! :)
The next step is an aided hearing test (checking his response when wearing the bone conduction aid) and an appointment with the ENT surgeon. The BAHA will be a surgically implanted aid and won't require the headband that he wears with this version.
After seeing his response for the past several days, I'm quite hopeful this is the way we want to go....excited for the next step. (Especially because Max and I are constantly battling with the headband and his glasses...too much equipment for one little head.)

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Shannon said...

Yeah Max!! Wishing you good luck sweetie!

Cute shirt Max :)

The Bests in Texas :)