Thursday, July 12, 2012

water fun!

Monday we headed to Seattle for a visit with Max's ENT to discuss the next step with the BAHA. In the short term, we are going to do a trial with the banded aid and see how he does. With Max's limited communication, it will be difficult to know if it changes his hearing level much but we do want to try. There is apparently a new BAHA in the works so we are going to wait anyway for the surgery.

The appointment was very difficult emotionally for me (discussing Max's lack of communication is always challenging for my heart and mind) so a good time was much needed to wrap up the day. Since the appointment took longer than expected, the zoo visit wasn't able to happen...but we managed to have a good time at University Village. They have added some new water "falls" and play areas which are awesome! Max took a few minutes to feel comfortable with this one...but then he fell in love and really enjoyed himself! So great!

We spotted another water feature and Max immediately took to it! Grammy and I had such a good time watching Max enjoy himself!

Hey Max...didn't anyone tell you that "crack kills?" hee hee!
Love his cute buns hanging out in this shot! :))))

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Carolyn said...

Oh Max, you always warm my heart. Love the pics and even your cute "cheeks".
Carolyn in WV