Sunday, July 8, 2012

camp adventures

This summer I really wanted for Max to have some inclusive camp experience. While this includes a lot of planning and arrangements (one on one caregiver for Max, many discussions with counselors and supervisors), it worked out really well! Sooooooo relieved and excited...AND grateful for everyone's help!

One of the main reasons for the success was this young man dancing with Max. He is a year ahead of Max at school and incredibly kind. He was telling the counselors one day how nice Max is and how he won the "respect" award at school. (This young man also won it for his class...very appropriate that they are buddies, right?)

Seriously....HOW CUTE are these two together?
Yep, that's his friend's hand draped around Max...Max is quite proud of his friendship!
Carrying around his solar system that he just helped create....
And Max always loves a hula hoop!

One of the highlights of camp was when Jonah asked if Max would be interested in going to his birthday party. WOW! I thought that was so wonderful...his mom said he talks about Max a lot at home. YAY for sweet buddies!

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Charlie Foxtrot said...

My eyes are wet. This is so very wonderful.