Sunday, July 8, 2012

trail tantrums

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Bellingham...perfect for a trail walk to the water. Max was super happy walking and holding hands with his cousin Jackson. Bliss!

Then a shift happened...yikes.

He insisted on me picking him up. This is an issue we have been working on for the past few months. Even though I enjoy holding him, I am trying to teach Max that he can't simply demand people to hold him at any given moment. He really does feel that the world revolves around him...and yes it does in my eyes (to some extent), I also don't want to be creating a monster. Especially as we move forward with growth hormone and he grows and gets stronger, holding him and controlling his mood swings will be an issue.

So yesterday I really tried to hold my ground. And so did he! Wow...this little man sure was insistent. I don't know if I have ever seen him so determined, angry and frustrated. (Weird that I captured some photos but the whole scene was scary but also a little humorous at times!)

After 20 minutes or so of him throwing himself on the ground and being soooo angry with me, I walked away to relax and catch my breath. Jackson thought he could help. Quickly Max took Jackson was like a little smackdown on WWW. I didn't catch that actual moment (it was very unexpected of course) but these shots are from later moments.

Grammy stepped in to help...and so did Elizabeth. "A" for efforts ladies! :)

Jackson was the winner in the "amazing, supportive, patient"
He took it upon himself to walk back to Max and offered him his sunglasses, chocolate and friendship.

While Max was still very upset, it did seem to calm him down enough that I could step in with more control and ask Max if he would like picked up. (Of course this is what he wanted all along but I wanted him to know that I was in control of the situation and not him).

Oh really know how to test my patience and parenting skills. (And yes, my back is killing me today from all the crazy shenanigans!) I promise to keep working on improving our communication and your moods...and will do my best to be patient, calm and loving with you. It pains me to see you so frustrated and not able to express yourself. I love you sweet...and determined....little man!

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