Wednesday, June 23, 2010

max and "nela"

Canela just loves to cuddle up with cute together!

Even when Max is busy playing with his birthday present (yes, I couldn't wait!), Canela is right there. (And yes, that is an ipad! :) More on that later.)

This is one of my very favorite moments.

I couldn't find "Nela" (if prompted, Max will say it!) and there she was spooning with Max. (And as I wrote this, I went and checked on my handsome man and sure enough sleeping beauty was curled up beside him again.)

Another early morning snuggle...

And when Max left his chair, he also left his peanut butter. Guess who ate it?

And Mighty Max can take Canela for walks...really fun!


Katy said...

"Nela" reminds me a lot of George Michael. He always has to be cuddled on top of someone -- super cute, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much. I'm glad that Max is handling his new found companion so well.

Elizabeth, Jackson and Thomas said...

Those two are pretty cute together! Now if Max loved Canella as much as she loves him! :)

Kurby Family said...

I love those pictures! Canella is so snuggly! I want to take a nap with her! What a little lovebug!