Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one tired and frustrated lil' boy (and momma too)

We have been having some difficult days lately, and I am really hoping we find a solution soon.

Maxwell's sleep issues have returned, and we are both equally frustrated with how the lack of sleep makes him feel the next day. Yes, I have one tired and cranky boy on my hands. Sometimes I can snap him out of it, other times I am just equally frustrated.

Tonight was exceptionally difficult, and I found myself begging him to tell me what was wrong. Of course I'm sure if he had the ability, he would have loved to have told me. But that's not happening these days. So I either have to guess or try through sign and pictures. Nothing worked tonight.

Oh Maxwell, I'm so glad our great times are making up for our frustrating moments. And I promise that I am going to do my best to advocate for you with your sleep doctor, primary doctor...and everyone in between. We will find a solution to this and get us back on track. :)

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Kurby Family said...

Sorry to hear about the frustrations with sleeping. I hope the sleep doc can put the pieces together and come up with some solution. I can't imagine the frustration, on top of lack of sleep. You are a very patient and awesome mom, always advocating and searching for answers. Max is one lucky guy!