Saturday, December 12, 2009

the cutest lil' decorator

Ok, the photos aren't the best (haven't figured out our new camera quite yet)...but the moment absolutely was. Max was VERY into decorating our Christmas tree this year.

First, he just loved the surprise considering he is obsessed with turning lights on and off everywhere we go.

Then, he really showed off with the ornaments. He really got the concept of putting ornaments on the tree, and he was able to do it with some help. And each and every time, he would look back and me and Grammy (so glad you were there!) with such pride and joy. It was awesome, truly awesome!

So much fun Maxwell...thanks!


Kurby Family said...

Beautiful tree! I love that he was so excited about the decorating, what a great helper! Merry Christmas Max!

Crystal M. said...

Very sweet, you did a great job helping Max.

Carolyn said...

Max, wish you could come and decorate my tree. You did a good job.
Carolyn in WV