Monday, December 7, 2009

welcome to the gang elmo!

Our dear Canadian friend "D" knows about Max's love of Elmos, so she blessed him this weekend with even more of them. Four more Elmos! :)

Her daughter collected Elmos and has outgrown them now. They decided Max was the perfect new owner of these treasures. I am saving the rest to give to him on Christmas, but I couldn't help but give him this fun "Rock & Roll Elmo" right away. And boy does he love it! It has joined Max's gang of animal friends and is getting plenty of love. :)

Max just loves giving sweet kisses to his animal's a big smooch for our newest buddy! (Max also brings the animals to me so that I can also give big smooches...very cute!)

Max's best friend (as of this week) is definitely "Blue Dog" it was a good sign when Max helped "Blue" kiss the new Elmo.

Apparently Max enjoys an audience when he goes to bed.

This immediately reminded me of the closet scene in ET when he hides amongst all the stuffed animals. Can you spot Max in the middle of all that "furriness?" :)

Thank you "D" and family...your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly, greatly appreciated. As you can see, Rock & Roll Elmo is getting lots and lots of love! :)


Jen said...

that is adorable!

Katy said...

Very cute, Max. :)

You were right Amy, it does look a bit like ET. How many stuffed animals can that child of yours have?

Crystal M. said...

Very sweet!! We use to have Rock n Roll Elmo when Alex was little I wish I would have kept it, but I did not know I would have Eva who would LOVE moving toys and Elmo.
Max with all his toys reminds me of Eva's room and we have to wait for her to move or make a sound to find her...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Kurby Family said...

So the "ET" picture too. Now if only he had some Reese's Pieces... very sweet.

Carolyn said...

Mr. Max, You are way to cute.

Gretchen said...

HA! Cooper's favorite animal since babyhood is Red Dog!! Gotta love those simple names. Of course Cooper's decided that everything is "too scary" so I have to tuck everything out of sight at bedtime. Red Dog and the Dollies (Two hand me down naked Groovy Girls) are excused from this, but refuse to go to bed with Cooper and "dance" until I threaten them with removal, and then they have to sleep in the chair.

I LOVE the picture of max w/his audience!