Monday, November 9, 2009

sleep issues...cont'd

I wonder how many blog posts are titled "sleep issues." Seems to be a recurring theme. :)

Max continues to have mixed results with his sleep medications. I was so *hoping* this was going to be the answer and perhaps it still will be. We just need to keep experimenting with the dosage, but he already has surpassed the initial three levels.

It certainly isn't good for his health (and development) and continues to really interfere with our schedule. We have had to cancel numerous therapy sessions and school days, and that inconveniences so many others too. How many times can I call his therapist/s and say "yep, he still is sleeping" or "he is extremely grumpy because he didn't sleep again"??? I know they are getting frustrated too.

Last night we were eating dinner and he was quite tired. He signed "all done" and wanted to watch a video. Ok, I wasn't going to fight it. Two minutes later I look over, and he is fast asleep...with a full mouth of food. That sure was fun trying to empty his mouth without waking him up. Sorry Max!

I know in the big scheme of things this sleep issue isn't a huge deal, and we will conquer it. Just hoping it is sooner than later. :)


Crystal M. said...

I hope something works for you all soon.
Crystal and Eva

katie said...

Amy, I don't know what dose of Melatonin Max is on, but there is a Melatonin TR(time release), it's a 5mg, but I think it could be cut in 1/2 and/or crushed, but as always, check with the Dr. and make sure he wants to used that formulation with his other med. I use 10mg of it and 10 mg Ambien(part of the joys of being a night shift nurse) The Ambien CR is way too expensive and my ins. would not cover it.
Hope something works for you soon.
Am trying to listen to your call on the telesummit, but haven't figured it out yet.
Hugs, Katie

Kurby Family said...

It sounds so frustrating, and I hope something gets figured out soon. It may be a small thing in the big scheme, but you both need your sleep especially with winter approaching. Hoping for some answers for you soon.

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Sorry to hear the Trazadone isn't quite doing the trick yet, Amy. Ugh! We've been in that spot before, with consistent lack of sleep, and it is NO FUN! It just impacts so many other aspects of your life after awhile. I sure hope the Trazadone starts to help soon. If it doesn't, maybe ask Max's doc about trying something different. You might have to experiment with some other types of meds before you find the right one for Max.