Sunday, November 8, 2009

max's buddies

Max's latest "favorites" are his stuffed animals. They travel around the house with us at all times...and a few have even joined us out and about in the community. It's pretty darn cute, I must admit!

(And yes, that is Max on the potty...and he thought it was simply fantastic to have his friends join him too! No he isn't actually *using* the potty, but we keep trying!)

One of Max's games is to bring each one (approximately 15 of them) to me while I am working at my desk. I greet the animal with a kiss and then Max does the same. Then he is off to get another one. I love that I can ask him to go and get a particular animal....and he will! Now I am trying to add another step so that he is following two step directions. And we are also using this opportunity to add a greeting to Max's vocab. He does well with "bye bye" but "hi" has been quite a challenge.

But most importantly, I am so enjoying this stage of having "lovies" with us all the time. So adorable!

*Auntie Mary, that is your hypoallergenic dog in Max's lap. The adorable blue dog is courtesy of Steph and Drew. Kristy, that is the teddy bear you gave to Max in the very early days...and Erin, the bear is wearing that sweet "handle with care" shirt you gave Max. What wonderful memories of such sweet gifts! Thanks everyone!


Suzanne said...

Max, you are just TOOOOOO cute!
Love from Grammy

Mary said...

So nice seeing Maxwell enjoying his gift. You take such good care of things.

Crystal M. said...

Very cute!!!

Dylan and Family said...

That is really cute. Love you Max. Now, lets talk about sleep. It's a wonderful thing....really! You should give it a try. Seriously.

Katy said...

Amy, I ADORE this picture of Max and his buddies. Just might have to steal this one. :)