Friday, June 19, 2009

thank you lisa!

Max was very blessed this year to have a wonderful one-to-one aide, Miss Lisa. She is fun, patient, loving, sweet...and most importantly, she adores Mighty Max!

With budget cuts in the school district, there is a shortage of money for instructional aides and therefore many positions may be cut. Union policy dictates that seniority trumps qualifications (not a huge supporter of this policy, can you tell?). Therefore, Lisa (who is amazing but has only worked at the school for two years) might not be able to return next year. We would miss her tremendously.

Just in case (but still keeping the hope alive Lisa!), I wanted to make sure to capture their special relationship with a few fun photos on Max's last day of school.

When Lisa puts on the FM system for Max's hearing aid, he loves to *talk* into the mic.

At circle time, Lisa sits behind Max and helps him follow and focus. (Next to him is our good friend, Carter. Isn't his smile so adorable?)

Yep, Max does look a bit disinterested here...but he did follow eventually and sign "good morning" along with his friends.

Tickle time! Lisa knows the secret trick to making Max happy...TICKLES!!!

Lisa helps Max get off the bus and come inside to school. Today was a fun milestone...he let go of her hand and walked alone. (He spotted me and was running my way!)

Oh the famous dressup mirror at school...what joy this brings all the kiddos!
On this day however, Max was being a bit bossy and shoving his friend out of the way. (Sound familiar to the mirror story in WV?) Lisa helped make sure everyone played nice. :)

Lisa, how can I ever thank you for adoring, respecting, helping, and loving Maxwell so very much this school year? We are deeply grateful for your help in making this transition such a success. You are indeed a blessing my friend!
SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! (Again, I am not giving up!)


Mary said...

Maxwell has come a long way from when I first saw him three years ago to now riding a bus!! Don't ever underestimate him or yourself. Concentrate on how far he has come not how far he needs to go.

Love you guys, Mary

hannah m said...

Yay for wonderful teachers! In my opinion, there's not much that's more important than having amazing, supportive and warm people helping our kids (and us!)