Thursday, June 18, 2009

more wedding week highlights!

Mary and Dad, Willow Glen looks just gorgeous! As you know, it is nearly impossible to truly put this "renovation" into words...but I simply want to thank you. You have done a phenomenal job and I am above and beyond impressed. Thank you for everything you are doing to preserve our family's history and prepare for the future!

And seriously, how handsome is this man posing on the beautiful staircase?

Max is trying to put into words how he feels about Willow Glen...but is definitely is difficult! :)

(Max will randomly break into sign...usually the alphabet or a new song we are doing. So funny. I think it's kind of like us humming a few lyrics...he just belts out a few signs.)

I think this is my new favorite photo of the two of us!
Auntie Meredith and Max had some fun tickling and loving!

Mary, what can I say? Thank you for everything you are...and all that you do!
And I always love some good "self portraits!" (Right college girls?)

Pianos are always a big hit with Max the musician!

Grandma Mary did all the parents a great favor and hired babysitters (and a nurse for Max) so that we could enjoy ourselves at the wedding reception. Max did great until he started to get really tired. Then I got a "quick, get up here now" because Max was so upset that he was throwing up and then turning blue. Fortunately, we got him calmed down with some mommy love and of course a video. This saved us big time! How sweet and exhausted is this lil' man?


Ruthie said...

Hey guys!
Love all the great pictures. You really look like you had a wonderful time. And I truly love how Max was signing like that. He is just getting so much stronger and smarter and proving that nothing is going to stop him. Max you are a great little guy to know!!

hannah m said...

So fun to see wonderful moments from your trip, Max and Amy! Max, I love that you had time to run and play with your cousins. And Vivian would have been right there with you at the mirror! :-)