Thursday, June 18, 2009

crazy for cousins!

Max just loved playing with all his cousins during our trip to WV.
Thanks Davey for loving "Maxi" so much...and for being so darn cute and smart. I cannot get enough of all your funny expressions.

Annie, what can I say? Max and I are in love and wanted to stow you away in our suitcase!

And Thomas and two are always simply wonderful. Thank you Jackson for being so helpful and careful with Max. Seeing the two of you holding hands and then *helping* him down the stairs was such a highlight for me. You are so gentle and loving.
Another highlight was definitely Maxwell playing Star Wars with you two at the airport. (Jackson and Thomas are OBSESSED with Star Wars and enjoy playing it 24/7...literally. To get Max involved, I said that he was a Storm Trooper and that is why he was chasing them. But then they countered that they were troopers the game quickly changed to Max identifying them as a "Storm Trooper Imposter" if he touched them within 10 seconds. While Max definitely didn't understand the detailed game we were playing, he did know that chasing his cousins and laughing was quite fun!)
It was so fun watching the boys play at the airport's play area. First time for Max and he did absolutely great!

Max loves shoes and especially when on the feet of other kiddos. Finally Thomas took off his shoes for Max so that he could keep moving and grooving.

When chocolate cake was served at the rehearsal dinner, Max was quite pleased! He tried to *share* Davey's cake too. :) Then he wowed some guests by signing "more chocolate" when he noticed what they were eating. And did this earn him more cake? You betcha!

* Ok, if I am being completely real about our experience, I also must admit how extremely difficult it was to be around all of Max's cousins. I wish I was stronger and wasn't so easily saddened by the ever-expanding gap. However, I was brought to tears many times seeing how easily and quickly they grasped onto concepts and games...and how easily Max is left on the sidelines. He doesn't seem bothered by this (yet) but it definitely hurts a mommy's heart.
Max, can you teach me how to be stronger and brave like you? I am sure trying, but you are a role model each and every day!


Living In Freedom said...

Good morning, Amy. Thank you for sharing about your time in WV. The photos really bring smiles to our faces. I appreciate your honesty about your heart as a Mom. Just remember, God created Maxwell in His image! And Maxwell has everything he needs to do what God designed for him in this life! :) God doesn't make mistakes; Maxwell is His beautiful creation! :) Love and hugs to both of you.....

Lori Gellerson
Everett, WA

Eva Nichole said...

Oh Amy I so know how you feel!! Bailey has 2 classmates who live down the road and they each have 4 yr old sisters who I watch play all the time while Eva is just sitting there not doing much. It kills me that she is older then them and they call Eva a baby, SHE IS NOT A BABY!! But in their eyes she is.
I love all the new pics from the wedding, the last day of school and his wonderful aide.
Crystal and Eva

littlekanawha said...

Amy, I understand your frustration, but I will say this. During the time I have been following this blog, I have seen evidence of TREMENDOUS strides in Max's development. Is he where he should be? Definitely not. Will he ever be there? That's not in our hands. But the love, devotion and hard work that you, friends, family and support staff put into your efforts with Max truly do show. He seems to be doing so many things right now that show him grasping new ideas, thoughts and techniques. And he is a fighter, who wants to do better. Your pictures and stories show that as well. Hang in there. We are all thinking of you guys and rooting for you both.