Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"no, no, no"

Ok, most parents probably don't like hearing "no" from their children. But let me tell you how amazingly magical it was for me.

After Max's bath last night, I was tickling him and he was giggling like crazy. (His giggle is simply adorable, contagious, and magical! And boy does he loves getting tickled!)

One of us said "yes" or "no" (I can't remember) and then out of the blue Max and I were engaged in a "yes, yes, yes" versus "no, no, no" debate. It was INCREDIBLE! We were signing and speaking...and his "no" was fairly clear. Oh my goodness...this was pure bliss. I got him to do it again today and fortunately he even showed off his newest "trick" to his speech therapist.

"YES, YES, YES" Maxwell! :)


Carolyn said...

Mighty Max, I knew you could do it. yes,yes,yes and a no, no, no.

hannah m said...

I love this. Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend whose 2.5 year old is in the "no" to everything phase. Frustrating for my friend...but I reminded her I can't wait for Viv to say "no!" with enthusiasm and spunk! :-) I told her she can remind me that I longed for that when I one day find myself in the "no" phase with Miss Viv!

Go, Max, go!

Eva Nichole said...

That is Amazing!!! You both are Amazing!!
Crystal and Eva

Kristi said...

YES!!!! This was a great way to start off my weekend! :-)
Way to go, Max! And... way to go Amy! :-)

I also just read your post about communication... and boy, did that ever speak volumes to me. I am right there with you, friend! Right there... and it's excruciatingly difficult at times, isn't it? Yet, like you, I am grateful for the ways that Gracie can communicate... even if it's not enough to tell me about her day.
Someday... I hope...

mama to jayna and ryen said...

yes yes yes!