Tuesday, May 26, 2009

consignment stores rock!

Consignment stores in Bellingham are very popular...and no wonder. One of our latest finds is this super cool toy...including the alphabet, counting, singing, animal sounds, and more. Online it sold for $90, but we got it for just $4! And it is currently by far Max's VERY favorite toy...what a find indeed! :)


Eva and her 'rents said...

Awesome! I love our consignment stores too and am grateful for them. Where I come from, there is only one and it's lame and over-priced!

Carolyn said...

Yeah, on your awesome find. And it so colorful. Max, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. Consignment stores are great places to shop.

alovelyday said...

We only have one here and it is not great. Where I grew up they have the best ones. Thrift stores are a garage sale all in one place and so great for the environment too! I am sure Max loves his new to him toy!!

hannah m said...

I LOVE finding treasures like this for Viv at consignment shops or on craigslist.

This toy looks like fun - who makes it? (I will tell my garage-saleing parents to keep an eye out!)

Eva Nichole said...

We have a store like that right now the street, I was just there and found one of Eva's favorite toys that she LOVED but broke and I was so happy to find her a new one for just $5.
I love that store!!
Hope you get more great finds and deals.
Crystal and Eva

Shannon and Carey said...

I love consignment stores too. I hit 'em up all the time. I just saw the pics of Max not using the walker! HELLO! Oh my! What a wonderful sight. I am just so thrilled for him AND you!
Love and kisses as usual,
Shannon in Austin