Monday, March 9, 2009

planting = sensory work? you betcha!

Max's school was cancelled this morning because of snow. No worries...we simply brought the outdoors inside and had lots of fun! :)

Our house plants needed replanting so I thought we could turn it into some therapy time. The trick? I would hide Max's block (yep, it's back again) in the dirt and he would have to dig it out. He was very creative getting it out without touching the dirt too much. Quite funny.

Then we moved on to finger painting, playdoh and coloring. No pictures...we were both too messy to even pick up the camera!


Eva Nichole said...

That is a wonderful idea!!
Crystal and Eva

Samantha Seholm said...

That is a great idea for sensory play I might have to try that one I have a few house plants that are needing some attention:)

Shannon and Carey said...

Very creative! PS: Abigail had pink eye too. Poor kids!
Kisses and hugs to you all.