Tuesday, March 10, 2009

pink eye and fever...yuck

Maxwell has been battling a cold for over a month now. Last week we went to the doctor and he thought Max might be able to recover without steroids. But just in case, he gave me a prescription.

He was feeling much better over the weekend and was able to enjoy a few fun birthday parties. It was great! But yesterday everything was back...and then some. Junky nose, junky lungs, junky eyes...and a fever. Not sure where he picked up this latest round of bugs, but they are here in full force.

Poor lil' man...but the good thing is that he is still in terrific spirits! And the walking...oh my goodness. He is doing AMAZING! It is so incredibly exciting!

UPDATE: Good spirits? Not so much. Max had an incredibly difficult night...and spiked a fever of over 105.3. Not pretty to say the least. Fortunately we had a nurse here last night. I am taking a group of people to Olympia today for Disability Awareness Day and was hoping to get a good night's sleep. That plan didn't work.

So off to the doctor we go...


Eva Nichole said...

Poor Maxwell!! I hope you feel better soon.
Crystal and Eva

Dylan and Family said...

Hope you feel better soon Max. We have the same thing at our house...gunky, gunky, gunky. Yuck.


Melissa Elsner said...

Aw man! What a bunch of yuck! Well I'll be praying that he gets over this crud and that you find time for some rest.