Friday, March 20, 2009

human pin cushion

Oh sweet Max, your lil' veins have always been a source of frustration for medical teams. Add on dehydration and they are nearly impossible.

It took four different people, nearly two hours, two machines (did you know they can use an ultrasound now to find a vein?) and approximately 15 attempts to finally get a successful IV started. You were a trooper, but you also let them know you were NOT happy about it all.

But here you finally are...all hooked up and getting your much needed IV nutrition. Of course your favorite Mickey Mouse and Signing Times videos are with us for entertainment.


Meril said...

Hey, I've been to your house and that isn't what it looks like! I'm so sorry.......
Amy - I've been trying to figure out what to write in response to the TJ video, but I'm just speechless. You are such a GREAT mom!! And Max........ Wowie-Zowie!!
I am truly honored to be part of your lives.

Jaye said...

awwwwwwwwwwww.....poor Max...wishing you a speedy recovery Max...even though you ARE the most adorable patient!

Dylan and Family said...

Oh Max. There is no other way to put it....that stinks. Thanks for teaching me that an ultrasound machine can find a vein but seriously, next time, let me read that in a book.

Hope you feel better soon (and wishing Mommy some rest).

Love you both.

Kristy, Dylan, Jonah, and Ray

hannah m said...

Oh, Sweet Max! Hoping you're getting the fluids you need to get you back to the awesome, walking, signing, block holding dude we all know and love!

Amy- I so empathize with our little ones who are "hard sticks". I couldn't believe when they pulled out the ultrasound machine after heart surgery to get a vein for Viv - they still ended up shaving her little head and sticking it there, which she of course pulled out within a couple of hours. Now I know to expect the long and difficult search for a good vein - but it isn't easy for Mama! Hoping you could curl up with your sweetie after all that to decompress! Take care of you as you take care of Mr. Max.

Stefanie said...

That picture is priceless! He is such an amazing little trooper! Get well soon, Max.

Shannon and Carey said...

awwwwwwwwwww. My poor sweet little Max. I just showed Carey his pic. (I made it big) Carey said "Poor little buddy"
We love you Max and hope you feel better really soon.
Shannon and Family

Carolyn said...

Sweet Maxwell, sending love and prayers your way for a speedy recovery. You are such a trooper. And tell your Incredible Mommy to get some rest.
Carolyn in WV

The Claytons said...

Aww Max you did end of having to go to the hospital. I hope you get hydrated, get well and back home real soon! Sorry they had to stick you so many times :(


Tommy's mommy said...

Oh darn! Max we don't want to see you surrounded by hospital sheets! Hope you are feeling better soon. Many prayers going your way.

Anonymous said...

that bites are in my thoughts

Brady Patrick Antaya said...

Poor guy! We're thinking of you all!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Max, so sorry you had to go to the hospital for an IV and endure all those pokes. :-(

We hope you are feeling better soon.

Leslie & Katie

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Oh Max, poor baby! My heart breaks for you hearing about your IV trouble. That is something we struggle with even time Ben gets admitted or has surgery (the ultrasound doesn't help for him because the veins bust once they get in). I'm sure it was torture for you Max or for you to watch. I hope you feel better soon. A day of nothing but laying in bed and watching Mickey is what the dr orders!

Jen said...

Hope you're home soon Max! I can't imagine trying to get an IV in you sorry it such an ordeal!

Eva Nichole said...

Poor Max, I hope you feel better soon. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you.
Crystal and Eva