Sunday, March 22, 2009

dora and "ekmo"

My sweet friend Dora visited me and Mommy at the hospital and brought me this cool Elmo balloon. Not only is it big and colorful, but it also SINGS really loudly when I tap it. The other trick is I can pull it down and then let it go. When it hits the ceiling, Elmo starts singing!

(Mommy loves that Dora knows me well enough to know exactly what I would enjoy! She knows I love Elmo and she knows to make sure the volume was loud enough for me to hear.)

We (ok..."I") wanted to play with this over and over again. It didn't annoy Mommy at all. :)

Here it comes Mommy.

(She taught me how to hand over hand pull it down...wonderful coordinating fine motor practice.)

EKMO! Mommy, check it out! It's so big and cute!

Perhaps you didn't hear me Mommy. I WANT TO PLAY WITH EKMO...AGAIN!!!

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Carolyn said...

Max, you are even practicing your motor skills while sick in the hospital. You are awesome.
Carolyn in WV