Sunday, March 22, 2009

admitted and readmitted

Max was admitted on Thursday for an outpatient IV for rehydration. They thought he should probably stay the night, but I urged for us to go home. I knew he'd be much happier in his surroundings. We were granted special permission to go home with a locked IV...with the understanding we would need to come back if he continued to have his "explosive issues."

Sure enough, we were back on Friday. And unfortunately his IV had gone bad during the night, so we had to start the process all over again. It was not say the least. FIVE hours later, we finally had a successful IV. But it took two expert IV nurses and finally the anesthesiologist who had to postpone a surgery to take care of Max. If that had not worked, they discussed an OR visit for a PIC line. Yikes.

Needless to say, that day (and night) was pretty much miserable for everyone. And it is so incredibly difficult to comfort a child in the hospital...especially when he is attached to monitors and wires. (I know many of you know this firsthand!)

Fortunately Max's issues started to mend yesterday afternoon. Once we proved he was able to handle some fluids, I convinced his doctor we were ready to go home (again). It was a comical moment when I was stalking his doctor and showed him Max's "development" (aka a itty bitty #2). He was excited too and then asked "...did you ever think five years ago you would be so excited for a poop?"

So we are home! YAY! But unfortunately he is still quite miserable and his rash has worsened big time. They think the rash is perhaps a delayed reaction to last week's antibiotics or part of the GI virus. Between all the bruises from the failed IV attempts and the rash all over his body, he looks a mess.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. This was such a minor incident compared to what he and his friends have dealt with, but it still is overwhelmingly difficult when your lil' one is so unhappy. Looking forward to the speedy return of my funny lil' man!

Here is a sweet photo of a relaxed moment at the hospital. His new comfort measure is to play with his hair.

I always joke that he should have been around for the 80's since he likes to tease his bangs so much!

He insisted on keeping his jacket on the entire time. He has a thing right now for ONLY wearing long sleeves. Who knows!?! He can be quite demanding and particular at times...


Carolyn said...

Glad you are home again. You are a trooper. I used to curl and play with my hair too.
Carolyn in WV

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Max, you and your mom have had a rough few days. Hoping you are feeling better soon. I love how picky you are with your clothes. :)

Lara said...

I know it wasn't a good time, but what a cute picture!

Eva Nichole said...

I am glad you are home and I hope he feels back to his old Mighty Max self soon.
I also LOVE his balloon I was thinking of getting one like that for Eva for her birthday she LOVES balloons and I think if it sings she will love it even more.
Crystal and Eva

Shannon and Carey said...

Love you Max! Hope you are feeling better today. I always have to make the photos bigger so I can see your sweet face! We love "Elllll-me" over here too!
Shannon and Family

hannah m said...

Hoping you're feeling healthy and happy, Sweet Max!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Glad you are home, Max. Sounds like you and your mommy have had a tough week. We hope you are feeling better soon.

Leslie & Katie