Wednesday, January 14, 2009

speech therapy

This morning was our first speech therapy session at Western. Despite Max not really wanting to pay "full" attention to the clinician, it went fairly well. He definitely impressed everyone with his increased vocal and motor skills. What really made me smile was how excited she is to work with Maxwell. Even though this therapy is focused on SPEECH (verbal), she went above and beyond in learning sign language to communicate and relate with Maxwell.

Max will have therapy with her twice a week at 8am, and we are hoping that consistency will really help. I feel blessed that we are able to be in this program.

Additionally, he will continue to get speech therapy at the hospital every week, one on one time with his teacher every Thursday morning, and a lot of work with his speech therapist at school. What a powerful team to help Maxwell reach his communication potential!

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Eva Nichole said...

That is wonderful you found such a great speech therapist to work with Max, I am still looking for that wonderful one for Eva.
Crystal and Eva