Monday, January 12, 2009

our zoo adventure

During our holiday in Arizona, we enjoyed a warm, sunny day at the new zoo. And wow...what a host of exotic fish, wild animals and beautiful plants! It was a great day (despite your tantrums Mr. Max!). :)

A few animals in particular caught Max's attention. There was this one threesome of monkeys that were simply hilarious. The male monkey was extremely vocal (EXTREMELY!) and Max simply couldn't get enough of all the monkey's shrieks. He joined right along with them...very cute!

Another highlight was feeding the giraffes. Max wasn't into trying that himself, but he enjoyed watching Grammy do it.

Max wasn't too sure of the goats and deer...ok, he was afraid. They were a bit "in your face" and one was nibbling on Max's leg. So his fear was a bit understandable. But I thought it was super fun!

Max definitely preferred the hands off approach with the animals.

Thanks Grammy for a great zoo adventure! Super fun! :)


Eva Nichole said...

WOW!! I can not wait for Mothers Day when I get to go to the zoo again, its one of my favorite things to do.
Crystal and Eva

Carolyn said...

Awesome pics !! Max I love the picture of you standing at the fence and I'm wondering what is on your mind.
Carolyn in WV