Friday, October 10, 2008


Really, after all this time...Maxwell is needing oxygen again? Eeks. Just the other day Evan's parents were saying he needed it too recently. What are these crazy boys doing?

Weird, very weird. I refused to believe it at first, so we tried multiple different probes and on ourselves as well. Yep, it's Max. He is requiring quite the amount too, so we'll have to have the equipment company deliver some more over the weekend.


Eva Nichole said...

Poor Max must be the weather changing. Sorry you have to go back on the O2 hun.
Crystal and Eva

Eva Nichole said...
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Shelly and Luke said...

How disappointing... but I'm sure it's just a temporary setback. I always say it's two steps forward, one step back. Seems to be the way it goes for us sometimes. Hopefully he'll be back to going O2-less in no time. Take care.

Dylan and Family said...

Oh Crap! Is Max getting sick? I hope if he is, it isn't what Jonah and Dylan have. If so, hold on to your's not pretty. Dylan was out of school all week with it.

I'm sorry Amy. That has to be frustrating. We'll have a "No Oxygen" party when the truck takes the equipment away.

Love you.


ellen charge said...

i wonder if it could b the weather and these kiddos r fragile being at school with other kids probly makes them more likely to get stuff just a thought

Tommy's mommy said...

Hang in there Max! Hope it's only a temporary step back. We want to see some more cute Max pictures posted soon.