Wednesday, October 15, 2008

back to school

Max was back at school today...and so was I. :)

I have been spending time in the classroom periodically to observe him and check on his progress. His therapists have requested help/input on how to better "connect" with him since he is often reserved or simply not interested in the sessions. He is being fairly quiet too...very little sign or verbal communication.'s a little confusing. My best bet is that he simply is overwhelmed and still getting used to everything. He definitely is doing "ok" but I sure wish he would fully participate. My favorite part is circle time. The kiddos all sit in a circle with the teacher singing (and signing) and playing games. Max totally digs this fun activity and he beams with joy! :) And today he actually signed a little during one of the songs...I seriously had tears in my eyes. So proud of him! Here is my "deaf" lil' guy loving cool is that!?!? So I'll keep working with everyone, and together we will come up with some great ideas! :)

I pretty much have to hide when I am in the classroom because Max is just a wee bit addicted these days. He spotted me once (after I told him I left...oops!) and crawled backwards to get to me. It was hilarious! I'll write another post about the "addiction..." Too funny.


Chantel said...

Glad he is back at school and I'm so thankful his teachers and therapists value your imput. Mother knows best!

How is sleeping going at night?

Gretchen said...

Hey, I'm glad Max is back. Cooper was really quiet there all last year- I think there's just so much to take in, that it takes a while...I need to get in there to see all those kids together!

ellen charge said...

yay hope all the meds r working for his sleep and sutff