Tuesday, October 28, 2008

japanese food and the alphabet

We went out for Japanese last night...and Max did great! We were so proud of him. He enjoyed several California rolls (ok, just the tuna and cream cheese part), tofu, fish, avocado and even a bite of beef teriyaki. Pretty darn impressive, isn't it?

"Ok, Bill...I trust you. Fill 'er up."

"Check me out practicing my alphabet."

These have been two great tools in learning the alphabet. The blocks, of course, travel with us everywhere...and the book is the new addition.

"Wanna sing the alphabet song for me again Mom...please?"

Apologies to our fellow diners for hearing many of my renditions of the ABCs for Max...but really, how could I resist this beautiful face?


Katy said...

A little birdie told us that it's a "go" for you guys coming here for Thanksgiving...we couldn't be more excited!!! How cool is it that the entire McKinley family will all be in one place??

I'll bet that, even in the short amount of time since we saw Max last, he's got more amazing things to show us that he's learned. (If you'd like to stuff some of that sushi in your purse next time you eat japanese, we wouldn't mind bring us some either...Wheeling doesn't have a sushi joint. It's rough, I know.)

And...you can sing your "ABC's" as much as you'd like around us, Amy. We won't mind one bit.

Eva Nichole said...

Yum!! I am glad Max loves trying new foods.
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

Yum! I love that you love the ABCs, Max!

ellen charge said...

if i heard u doing that id of been doing it rite with u wat cute pics