Monday, June 11, 2007

hey there "baldy"

Despite Max having the most gorgeous head of hair, he is quickly earning the nickname of "baldy." Why?

Well because his car obsession has forced him to wear out (seriously) a patch of hair right dab smack in the middle of his head! Pretty funny looking, I must admit. :)

So why are the cars at fault? Well, Max loves to crawl around with a car in both hands. That is quite difficult to do for any child but especially for a child with major balance issues. To compensate, Max balances himself with his head.

I gave him a crew cut the other day to try and even out the bald patch. It did help a bit, but people are still constantly asking "what happened, what happened?"

Too funny! And what is even funnier is this lil' boy's car obsession. Seriously! He now is lining up his cars, "parking" them under our kitchen cabinets and carrying them around constantly.

He is SUCH a boy! And I love, love, love it! :) He may be going bald at an early age, but is the sweetest, most amazing boy ever!


Carolyn said...

Did you take any pictures of "baldy"? Would love to see the "new do". He is a MIGHTY SUPER BOY with his cars. Now he needs a parking garage for the cars.
Carolyn in WV

Mark and Jaye said...

What a funny little boy! Too cute! He needs one of those hot wheels cases on wheels that you can put all the cars into and he can push it around with him..then he can have ALL his cars instead of just two at a time! hehehe...might save his hair too!

Eva Nichole said...

AAAWWW!! Eva went bald on the back of her head for awhile because she would move on her back. Our little ones are so silly!!
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Carolyn's right! Picture updates are needed!
I would also love to see how he parks his cars.
Sweet, sweet Maxwell. I love seeing pictures of him.

Diane and Alex said...

Well now, baldy, what do you think of that? You are so cute and funny that who knows what you will do next??? You know what, I want to go see my grandkids in Texas, but they now have a pet snake. Yes, you read that right, and it is huge. So, grandma is staying right here in West Virginia. Don't laugh at me Maxwell, you are the funny one - at least I am not bald????? HA!!

By the way, don't bring mommy a snake. I bet she hates them!!!

Love you kid.

Diane and Alex

roppy2000 said...

Bald spot. Big deal. Small price to pay for such love and devotion of playing with his true obsession. Besides, it always grows back, at least for now. When he turns 30, you might want to worry then!
So keep on playing Max- hair worries are for the birds!

ellen charge said...