Monday, June 11, 2007

eeks! eeks! eeks!

You know that terrible sound of chalk screeching across a chalkboard? Imagine it a gazillion times a day. Yes...eeks!

Maxwell just got a lot of new teeth and he grinds them constantly. I am calling his dentist tomorrow (he has a "specialist" of course in Seattle) and get his opinion. His speech therapists have mixed opinions on what to do.

The main issue is probably that he needs more sensory input in his mouth. Most kiddos at this age would be chewing a lot and he simply doesn't have the capability or opportunity with solid foods quite yet. I am working with him on it, but he just has not mastered the art of chewing. But he sure thinks it is funny when I demonstrate with wild exaggerations!

And I also give him various toys to chew on, but nothing has interested him much. And seriously, he does it all the time...and it is LOUD. I can hear the grinding even from another room! It cannot be good for his teeth or jaw, and that is my main concern.

We'll see! This is such a minor problem compared to everything else, but my nerves are saying...fix this quickly! :)


Carolyn said...

eeks!! That does something to everyone, I think. I hope the dentist has a fix for Max.
Love you both,
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

Eva went threw the samething and she has now stopped, I noticed also that she did it more when she was getting new teeth, he might be getting more teeth in. I think she has all her teeth now so it has come to an end. I also give her a fish face when she did it, it got her to stop for alittle while.
Crystal and Eva

Miss N Cedie said...

Cedie liked to grind her teeth. I have her on my cell phone doing it because I wanted her daddy to hear it. I have played it back several times ~ although the noise is grinding it is still cool to see her.


Linden said...


Cameron also did that when younger. He eventually stopped but every once in a while I hear him doing it. I agree, it is a very disturbing sound.
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Diane and Alex said...

Oh, no, Maxwell, what a terrible sound that is for certain. eeks!!! and more eeks!!!! You know what, you are awesome though, no matter what you do. Poor mommy, that has to be a tough thing to go through. LOL!!!

Hang in there Amy, this too shall pass. Love you both.

Diane and Alex

ellen charge said...

i used to do this to i grew out f it