Wednesday, May 23, 2007

prayers for caleb

Below is an update from Caleb's mommy on her sweet lil' guy:

Caleb is still in the ICU on the oscillator. He was making baby steps in the right direction, however, he spiked a fever on Sunday during the day and by late night and early Morning Monday the setting were turned back up to the maximum on the oscillator. They have been drawing blood gases to check his ph and carbon dioxide levels and have been able to turn down the settings on his oscillator. He is again making baby steps in the right direction 'knock on wood' (we have been doing a lot of that). We hope that his blood gases will continue to be good. Many of the docs here have been calling him the fighter. If all goes well through tonight they are hoping to switch him over to the conventional ventilator and hopefully get him off the oscillator. However, as we have joked with the doctors we will do this on Caleb's watch!!! He will let us know when he is ready to be switched over to the conventional ventilator.

This has been a very stressful and scary couple of days and we really appreciate everyones' thoughts and comments it is a nice way for us to keep in touch with everyone and know that you are here with us. I want to apologize for the delay in the update but as I am sure you understand we have been very busy and preoccupied. One of our wonderful CHARGEr friends and her family made a video for Caleb and our family and I wanted to post it today. Thanks Crystal and Eva for such a wonderful video. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Please continue to keep Caleb in your prayers and that he continues to make baby steps in the right direction. God Bless Caleb!!!

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ellen said...

u no amy sarah is rite our chargers r such big fiter i had to fight hard when i was their age many apsoiration pmenonias and failed nisses resulting in a jstoma wich as u no 21 years later is gone YAY but i did have many times in icu many times in or and many in just plain old hosp scary isnt it