Sunday, May 20, 2007

breaking bread with gram

We enjoyed dinner together at Gram's care center and I was on my best behavior. (Ok, I did have a little fun, but hey it was great entertainment for everyone!)

I am really into dropping my cars on the floor, and then signing "please" to my mommy to pick them up for me. We repeat this over and over...and then yes a gazillion more times. This used to be a therapy game that we played with my speech therapist. The objective was for me to drop something, look at it, look at mommy and communicate my desire for the object. Well I certainly have mastered that therapy goal, but now I have made it a very fun game. (Fun for me that is!)

So most of the dinner I performed that game for everyone...but then I decided to have some fun with the bread. I made quite a mess ripping it all apart and throwing it around. Gram "kindly" encouraged me to stop doing that, so then I started tearing off bread pieces and handing them to her.

Mommy thought it was absolutely hilarious! I was very determined to share my bread with my great grammy! :)

This bread is such fun!

Ok Gram, here is a piece for you! :)


ellen said...

u r so funny

Eva Nichole said...

That is so cute!!

Crystal and Eva

Diane and Alex said...

I love it. So adorable. You are so precious. Thanks for all your sharing Amy, we love it. I know you have a relaxing time with your grammy. You deserve it.

Diane and Alex

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Sounds like such a nice visit! I'm glad you two got to get away for a little bit. Max is doing so many great things... he's really progressing fast!

Carolyn said...

Those are very precious pictures. And to be with Great Grammy is WONDERFUL. I would love to kiss those cheeks Max.
Love & Prayers,
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

I'll break bread with you any time Max and then we can feed the seagulls or ducks

Mark and Jaye said...

How much CUTER is this kid going to get? Lolol...what a living doll!

Anonymous said...

:) He looks like he had a great time breaking bread.

Christy said...

That is the most precious picture!