Monday, April 2, 2007

upcoming cardiology clinic

Tomorrow we head to Children's for another ECHO and appointment with Max's cardiologist. This is the first test we will have done since Max's run of serious bradycardia, so I am very curious about the ECHO results.

Additionally, I am going to ask the cardiologist those difficult questions I have not yet been ready to address. "How long will Maxwell's heart survive 'as is'? Will his heart defect significantly decrease his life expectancy? What future surgeries should we expecting?"

I *think* I am finally ready to venture into that territory. We'll see...


carolyn said...

Amy, my thoughts and prayers will be with you and Max when you go to the "cardiology clinic".
Love & Prayers,

Mary said...

Amy, I will be praying for you and Maxwell.

Love, Mary

skeybunny said...


I hope that you are able to find some answers tommorrow. Even though you may be ready to ask the hard questions, Max's cardiologist might not be able to give any hard answers.

I know every time I have tried to pin down Evan's nephrologist--by far, Evan's kidney is the organ with the "sketchiest" future--I never get any kind of real timeline. I get a lot of "Well, it depends on how it is functioning at time X," and then we get to that time and they still don't really know. The only certainty is Evan hanging in there with a diagnosis of Grade IV Chronic renal insufficency...and Grade IV of ANYTHING is never good.

Maybe hearts are more clear-cut than kidneys?

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

PS If you didn't get my email, the haircutting place is "The Salon at Kids Club." It's in University Village.

Leigh said...

We'll being praying for you two.


ellen said...

hope u get the answers

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Good luck with your appointment. We'll be thinking of you. Hopefully you will be able to get some good news. I have experienced the same thing Sarah has though - no doctor has ever wanted to give us a straight forward answer. I think it is because every body handles a certain condition differently.

Crystal and Eva said...

Amy and Max,
I hope you get some answers I know doctors don't like to get a time line to much because they are not always sure.
Good luck and I will be thinking and praying for you.

Crystal and Eva

godseyfive said...

I had an OB doctor tell me one time "If the Lord didn't go and prove me wrong as often as He does, I'd tell you that you probably won't carry this pregnancy to term." I did end up losing that pregnancy, but I think the important thing I learned is that the good doctors realize that there are such things as miracles. Perhaps these doctors don't want to make an educated guess and give a time frame when they know there is the opportunity for divine intervention. Wouldn't want an inaccurate diagnosis to alter the quality of life for the present. But for your sake, I hope that you leave today with all the answers that your heart seeks. I pray that the Lord will hold your hand all the way thorugh your appt. Best wishes!

Lindsay Godsey

Ang said...

I will be thinking of you as we go in today for Gramps ECHO. I have to ask the question today from gram of how much longer does gramps have to live?

Sarah said...

Amy and Max,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you two.
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

MarkCoyle said...

WOW I came here expecting to read your reaction to VicMouse's blog and, what do you know, you're talking about MAXWELL. According to Vic, your blog here is filled with attacks against him. I am disappointed! lol

MadAnne said...

Hi Amy,

Hope everything is going okay with you and Max. I always feel a bit off when you haven't posted.


Cheryl said...

Amy & Max-
Keeping you both in my prayers.