Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Wow, what a relief. The cardiologist's report was very encouraging! Woo hoo!

The repair is still intact and the only problem at this point is his pulmonary valve. It is narrowed and *may* require replacement in the future. Currently though it is not impacting the pressure in his lungs and that is really positive. Obviously we have to keep a very close watch on his rhythms, chance of infection, etc., but beyond that, we don't have another clinic visit and ECHO/EKG scheduled for A YEAR!!! :) (But most likely we will have to do several halters if/when Max's bradycardia worsens.)

This is just wonderful news. In the back of my mind, I had a growing fear that Max was going to need a pacemaker. This was discussed among the cardiac team a few months ago, and I am so relieved that we don't have to do that at this point.

Max's cardiologist also felt very positive about the future. He said that studies have not shown a signifant decrease in life expectancy for people with repaired Tetralogy of Fallot. Additionally, he doesn't expect Maxwell will need another open heart surgery anytime soon...if ever. Praise God! Thank you for all the love and prayers...we are absolutely thrilled!

Enjoy the cute video of Mighty Max's adventures yesterday with his heart tests...such an adorable, amazing lil' trooper!

Another bonus in our day was seeing some of Max's fans at the hospital! Several of the nurses and technicians stopped by to see Max and were blown away with how big, adorable, and personable he has become! They were calling in other people..."come see Max, come see Max." It was great! :)


skeybunny said...


You are so sweet! I don't have sound on my computer at work, so I didn't get to hear any of the narration with the video. But were you signing? The first sign looked like "Mommy," only on your ear and not your chin. I'm so glad you got some good news from cardiology. At our last round of clinic visits, ENT put him on a 1 year recall. And I was like "Are you sure you don't want to see him before that?"

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Miss N Cedie said...

I am happy to hear the good news guys. I have checked your site 5 times this morning, anxiously awaiting the news.
Max you are a miracle:-)

Mary said...

I, too, have been checking all morning for news from yesterday's tests. I was becoming more concerned each time there was no posting.

Praise God for such wonderful news.

godseyfive said...

Well, it looks like I was not the only one checking in multiple times this morning. I'm sure that your website counter thing showed quite a few hits this morning. I am so happy for you. This is GREAT news! THanks for keeping us posted.

Lindsay Godsey

Crystal and Eva said...

I am so happy for you Mr. Max!! Glad to hear all the great news and looks like you had a fun filled day of tests. Eva sends you losts of hugs and kisses!
Crystal and Eva

Sarah said...

Thank goodness we have been praying for you both!!! We are glad all went so well.
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

MadAnne said...

Okay, so we were all checking. It's amazing how Max gets to people. Glad to hear the good news.

carolyn said...

Yep, I was checking in with all the others to hear the WONDERFUL NEWS. The power of prayer !!!
Love & Prayers,
Carolyn in WV

ellen said...

you are one amazing kiddlo

symmans said...

Wow,great news from the cardiologist,what a little trouper!!
Tamara (australia)

Cheryl said...

You are such a cutie. I am so glad to hear that your appointment with the cardiologist went so well!! I am so happy for you and mommy! Keep up the great work kiddo.

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Glad you got such great news at the cardiologist, Max. What a relief that must be to your mommy! You're a real trooper, just like Katie.

Love your video, too! Ta-da!

Leslie and Katie

Pearl said...

Max - That is such AWESOME news!! You sure know how to cheer your mommy up when she needs it most. Can't wait til you're old enough to see that you've got a huge fan club cheering you on all around the world!