Friday, March 16, 2007

lovin' ALL dogs

Not only do I love my "real" dogs (Barney and Shakespeare are so fun!), but I have also taken quite a liking to this dog! Mommy caught me in one of my many play sessions with him.

Lemme take a good look at you my cute friend.

Oh, you want a good hug and kiss? Sure I love to love! It's one of my specialties. :)


Crystal and Eva said...

Super cute!!! Even Eva stopped what she was doing to look at you and your puppy.
Crystal and Eva

Diane and Alex said...

Oh, how adorable. Kiss your puppy sweet pea. We love you more each day. Keep up the good work.

Diane and Alex

carolyn said...

How cute is a boy with his dog, whether it is a real dog or stuffed doggy. Max you are sooooo sweet.
Carolyn in WV

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Aren't they just too cute when you catch them in "play mode"? That picture of Max snuggling with his puppy is a classic!

Anonymous said...

I bet barney and shakespeare are just spoiled rotten by you Max. You give them so much love. Love the pictures.

bcmmj said...

So great to see you and Max today!! And I am so thrilled that I can read his blog again. Man, we've missed a lot!! So proud of you Max with your walker!!!!
Hugs, Chantel and Jaden

Suzanne Holman said...

Interesting how much Max kissing his dog looks like the way you hold and kiss Max! He's had a great role model for being a loving person!!
Hugs from Grammy

Shannon and Carey said...

Hi Max.
I LOOOOOOOOOVE the pic of you and your buddy driving the cars at the mall. Friends are fun huh? Even when they try to give you kisses. You sure are getting big. And you sure keep your momma on her toes. I still love your cheeks. We have 3 doggies and they always wait by our table too. :) Wonder why?
Happy St. Patrick's Day sweetie.
Shannon in Austin

Mary said...

Amy -

What a beautiful message from your mother! I can just feel the love there. My eyes are filled with tears. I so understand how she feels.


godseyfive said...

Cute pics Mr. Max. Happy St. Patricks day. Just wanted you to know I was checking in on you...

lindsay godsey

Dylan (and Kristy) said...

That is some very cute pictures! What I want to know is if the "puppy" has a name?


ellen said...

so sweet