Sunday, March 18, 2007

mess making, ribbon loving, funny boy

Mighty Max and I headed to Treasury on Saturday for some "retail therapy." (Yet another divorce hearing has been scheduled...yuck. So we needed to get out of the house and have some fun!)

We didn't actually buy anything, but we sure had fun playing with the merchandise! hee hee! This entire ribbon mess was all courtesy of Mr. Max!!! :) As always, he certainly knows how to make me smile BIG TIME!

Fortunately Steph (one of Max's favorite people!) was there and so was our sweet friend Shawn. (Thanks Shawn for the super photos and video!)


Ang said...

Max you look mighty busy..I bet you kept momma, aunt liz, and stephanie very busy with all those ribbons too. I love the video..Tell Momma I'm sorry about the divorce problems and I'm here if she wants to vent. Hugs..

carolyn said...

Max, you sure live up to your name, "Mighty Max". You cleaned that ribbon off the racks in no time. I love the video.

Amy, take one day at a time with the divorce. I'm sending prayers.
Love & Prayers,

Crystal and Eva said...

Max you sure did a number on those ribbons but you knew they needed to be rearranged didn't you...LOL!
Give lots of hugs to mommy and just give her your kissy face and she will always have a smile on her face.
Crystal and Eva

Mark and Jaye said...

I bet no other store in all of WA state has such a gorgeous inventory taker!
You are too adorable Max!
Hang in there Amy..this divorce WILL actually happen one day....

Diane and Alex said...

You should have left something for Mommy to tear up. LOL. That way, her stress would be a little easier. You are so cute you little guy. What a mess, but we love it.

Diane and Alex

CorrieYoung said...

Oh Max,

You cute little vandal you! Good thing your aunt owns the store or you'd be asked to leave!

Seriously, you're so intent on getting all the ribbon off. Way too cute. What an amazing little guy!

Hope the "therapy" worked for Mommy. It's my favorite kind too.

Love from MO,


WendyLou's Place said...

Max what a doll wish i could come to the scrapbooking night but it a 3 hrs dr amd i think i will be having heart surgry soon but i love u little guy and tell mom i'm praying the hearing will be over soon'

ellen said...

i love ribon to so much i acutaly opend someone elses chrissy pressie but blame my cousin for that she gave it to me LOL

rescueheroes said...

Wow I loved all the ribbon selection. Thank you Max for showing it all off. I agree give Mommy lots of hugs and kissy faces. YOU ARE SO WORTH everything Mommy is going through just wish she did not have to go through the yucky parts. Hugs to you both and prayers always,

Lori in SC

Mary said...


I love your video. Aunt Eliz is super to let you play with the ribbon. You could be useful at inventory time.

I dreamed about the divorce last week. I hope my dream comes true. I dreamed karma FINALLY caught up with your dad.

"Auntie" Mary

godseyfive said...

MAX, you are such a RIOT kiddo! I laughed through about 60% of that video! That is about how my husband feels about my scrapbooking! :)

Amy, you are doing a wonderful job with Mr Max. You are letting him be a kid and that is great. And as for everything else, hang in there, stay strong, and stay focused on the most important things in your life. All the other inconveniences will eventually pass. Until they do, I will continue to bathe your situation in prayer...

P.S.--Just keep the videos rolling!
lindsay godsey