Thursday, March 15, 2007

the ups and downs of our eating journey

The other day I mentioned this to a friend and she said she had no idea we were having such issues. I realized I never posted anything about it! Sometimes I don't like to post the negative...I would rather focus on his progress. :)

So what is going on is that about two months ago when Max got really sick, he regressed BIG time on his oral feeds. They weren't perfect before, but he had been making substantial progress. Suddenly he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Aaahhhhh!!!! He was/is still interested in playing with solids, i.e. crackers, vegetables, but that's about it. Food for nutrition, i.e. pureed foods, would be spit out via "raspberry lips" or he simply would turn his head out of protest.

It has been incredibly frustrating. However, his therapists have said this isn't uncommon for some children. Their progress to oral feeds has many ups and downs...the most important thing for us is to keep trying multiple times a day and not force it on him.

We have followed our normal routine for quite some time now, and slowly but surely we are making progress. But it is very slow. His OT said not to be surprised if we go this roller coaster a few more times.

Patience, patience, patience...


Route 75 said...

Is it tactile defensiveness?

Miss N Cedie said...

I know it can be very frustrating. Just believe that he will "get it" one day and all will be well. I have faith in him and you.


Crystal and Eva said...

Eva does the samething and I never really posted much about it either...LOL! A few months ago she would chew on baby cookies, crackers, beef sticks, ect and now she wants nothing to do with them but she is still eatting baby food.
I have also learned, just keep trying and try try again.
Crystal and Eva

Diane and Alex said...

Hi Sweetie,
We want to join in with you even in the "down" times, or should I say "hard" times. We will take the bad with the good and tell you we just love you so much.

Diane and Alex.

ellen said...

and with all chargers more patience