Friday, August 16, 2013

the ladies of summer

Yesterday was the end of summer picnic for Max's camp, "FACES." This was a camp for children and young adults with autism. Wow, the love for my little man was quite overwhelming and heartwarming. The ladies seriously dig him. And many told me that he was quite the popular ladies man throughout the summer and people waited for "their turn" to play and love with that! :)
Check out all the hugs and loves!

And of my Max's favorite ladies "Grammy" joined us for the picnic too! :)
This lovely lady also worked in Max's Life Skills class as a student teacher. She loved it so much that she returned the next semester to simply wonderful is that?

And Jenny...oh sweet Jenny. This was his one on one aide for camp and they definitely developed quite the bond. We were blessed to have her dedication, love and joy for him! (Max really does like Jenny...but he is also obsessed with hangnails, so he was more focused on that than giving her love in this moment. My kid...he's weird sometimes!)
Jenny wanted to capture their summer with putting handprints on each other's camp shirts. Very fun!
 Jenny brought along her two big dogs...and Max thought their thick fur was awesome.

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Carolyn said...

Max, you sure do have a "fan club". Love you!