Friday, August 16, 2013


We headed to Redmond yesterday to meet with Max's endocrinologist.
The plan was to be measured and start the growth hormone treatment (daily shots administered at home by yours truly) this week. After a year of working with the insurance company to get the drug approved, we finally did several months ago...but that was about the time we were getting the autism diagnosis. So we actually received the drugs, put them in the refrigerator for safekeeping...and held off. I just wasn't ready to start the daily shots and life was so busy I wasn't sure how to even fit in the training.

But after talking with another CHARGE family, I was ready to give it a try again. I wasn't interested in the growth component necessarily...but the increased endurance and muscle tone that is often as a result.
But we got quite a surprise when we arrived for our appointment.  He got weighed and measured...
And measured again and again. For some reason, Max thinks this part is quite funny...that's why he is given me this sweet smile. :)
When the doctor came in to talk with us...he was quite astounded. Apparently Max's rate of growth has taken a great turn for the better...growing at a much faster speed than before! So the doctor wanted to measure Max again...just to be sure. (fifth time of the day!)
Such wonderful, fantastic news!!! 

And 46 pounds! Way to go Max!
So the doctor thinks we are good to hold off on any growth hormone treatment at this time...awesome! Yes, we don't have the benefits of the drug with increased endurance and muscle tone...but it is nice to have that option off the table. I wasn't convinced entirely yet that I wanted to do it so this was a nice way to have the decision made for us. Phew!

We had some blood work after the appointment and they checked all his levels and will continue to monitor. Perhaps some answers will come from the labs...but for now, we are good to go! YAY! :)

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