Monday, November 12, 2012


For those of you not blessed with a Menchies in your town, sorry...but it is a super fun place! :) Upon arrival, the first stop is to sample of the flavors (my favorite part) with the tiny lil' cups. Then you get your big bowl and start filling up with your closen yogurt flavors and candy/cookie/sprinkle toppings. You can create quite a crazy assemble!
We have gone several times and Max likes it more and more every time we visit. (Max used to not like ice cream at all...difficulty swallowing with liquids AND it was sooooo cold. I think Max was confused why I would offer him freezing liquid and seem so excited about it!)
Yesterday Jackson wanted to show off our favorite place to Papa and Grandpa off we went. And immediately Max was excited! :)
I knew it was going to be a great experience because when I was sampling flavors, Max went over and got his own lil' tasting cup (not the one below). He actually went over and put it under a flavor and attempted to fill it!!! We were all soooo excited to watch Max be so proactive and independent! So we went and got a big cup (which Max loved...see below!) and started filling up!
"This is a BIG bowl...I can fit my whole face in it!!!"
"Let's fill it up Momma!"

"Hmmmm, Mom...that one looks good. It's CHOCOLATE, right?"

"Ok Mom, here I go!"
"YUMMMMMMMMY! This is good and I'm doing it all, including making a mess on my face, by myself!"
When Max and I finished our yogurt, it was obvious Max was still ready for more. So we asked for Jackson to share...and of course, he (one of the sweetest boys ever) did. While our yogurt didn't really have any toppings, Jackson had filled up his entire bowl with all kinds of candies. Max was VERY impressed and immediately grabbed the bowl back for a second spoonful. Then he sweetly pushed it back to Jackson and returned his own spoon to our bowl. It was such a fun and independent moment that made my heart swell with pride and joy!

"Thanks Jackson for sharing. Next time you are totally making my yogurt bowl.
Love your style of overloading it all with candies and chocolates!"

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Jaye said...

I have read your blog since I saw your story all those years ago on the news. Max impresses me every single time I stop in to catch up! He is such a wonderful boy! And YOU are one A-mazing mama!