Thursday, September 27, 2012

holding on

Recently Max has decided he likes to hold various body parts. It usually lasts for just a few hours and it's a different part each day...most of the time his neck or face. He just holds on like his hands are stuck. Weird? Yep...but heck, it must be providing him something. 
One day it was the back of his knee...he would literally limp across the room holding on to it. We just happened to be at the doctor's office that day for his sinus infection so I actually had him check out his leg too! But sure enough, he was just "holding on."
Then sometimes its this sweet little pose (below) with hands on his sweet cheeks.
Another favorite is both hands on the back of his head...what does that do for you Max? I wish I knew!


Hands on cheeks again this day.

This day it was his neck. He holds on almost as though he is choking himself! One day they called from school because they thought something was wrong with his neck...they assumed he had a sore throat or something. :)

While I certainly don't want to force him to stop this, I have definitely tried various tickle tricks to distract him. :) Sometimes it works...but most of the time the hands go immediately back in place. What's really interesting is watching him try and navigate stairs or get on the potty without using hands. Quite difficult for a kiddo with no balance! Oh Max, you never cease to bore me! :)

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catherine Lacey lacey said...

hey there.. Reu does that exact pose #3