Thursday, July 19, 2012

the escape artist

(Warning: This is a very long and probably quite boring post but I must write this down for Max's book because this is such a random new development.)

For some reason, Max has recently decided that if he can't find me right away that I must be outside. He first heads to the front door and opens it. Not sure what he does at that point but the door is always left open. I can somewhat understand that he heads to the front yard because I spend a lot of time I'll give him a little credit for that.

But then he apparently decides if I am not out front, I must be out back. And we aren't talking about just our backyard...we're talking about the park behind our gate. WHAT THE HECK? I have never gone to the playground while he is in the house alone. Sooooo strange.

So this all started a few weeks ago and Max was sleeping (or at least that is what he was supposed to be doing) and I was in my office right next door to his bedroom. It was around 10pm and I fell asleep watching tv. I wake up to a man yelling "Amy...Amy" from downstairs. I am super confused and find my neighbor in my kitchen with Max. Instead of coming right to my office when he woke up (which he always does), he must have headed outside. Max was in his pajamas with his toothbrush...(sometimes he likes to chew on them as he goes to sleep) and wondered out to the park. OMG.

We thought for sure that the gate must have been opened because we just assumed Max wouldn't be able to open the gate. It was a very scary night but figured it was a fluke.

Then the other night my mom and sister were over. We were in a different room than Max for *maybe* 3-5 minutes. I decided to check on him and sure enough the front door was wide open...I head out screaming "Max...Max!" and then decide to check the back. And yep...there he is at the gate.

See what he is holding? Yep, it's one of his favorite books. He took it with him and was actually studying it at the same time as trying to open the gate. Too funny.

Instead of going to him and telling him "NO!" to opening the gate, I had to snap a few photos because it was such a funny scene and I wanted to remember it. :) 

When I called out to him, he quickly started heading my way with a big smile. That boy is too cute. :)

But while these photos were fun to have, tonight I was kicking myself for not appropriately "scolding" him because sure enough we had a repeat performance.

We got back from the lake and I desperately needed a quick shower (a great run and long swim...yay!) and explained to him that is where I would be. When I went to check on him, I found an empty chair...and yep, an open front door. Then I head to the back gate and it too is wide open. I run to the park and there is Max standing beside some total stranger. He was there with his daughter and probably very confused why this little boy was standing there with them.


So yes, tomorrow a higher lock is going on the back gate and I need to have something installed on the front door as well. I also have decided he needs to start wearing an identification bracelet. Oh Max, you certainly know how to keep your momma on her toes!!! :)

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The Nelson Family said...

Oh man..that must have been super scary! Burke is also an escape artist and we used a medical alert bracelet that he hated and wouldn't wear so we are in the same situation of trying to find something suitable... I'll keep you posted if we find something and visa versa! Hang in there... life will always be interesting with these little boys of ours!