Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my biker dude

With all the kids in the neighborhood always riding their bikes, I have been eager to find the right bike for Max so that he can try and participate too. We looked at a super cool trike (major step up from what we have been using!) this weekend but he is really getting too big for tricycles unless they are specifically adapted. So I thought we should at least give a bicycle a try (with training wheels of course) and see what he thought. Well this is a fairly small bike but Max seemed to really enjoy it! We are going to move the training wheels to the next size up and see how he does on that too.

He struggles quite a bit with understanding how to push continously but he did keep trying! I loved watching Jackson try and teach Max how to "push, push, push." We talked about it afterwards how difficult it can be to connect with Max sometimes and how challenging it can be when he doesn't immediately grasp a concept. I love how interested and thoughtful Jackson is about it all...and he is just so incredibly patient with him.

Such a beautiful and strong little man on his this!
Sometimes Max just sat on his bike and made funny faces...but hey, he didn't fall off!
That's great for a kiddo with no balance!
LOVE how enthusiastic and helpful Jackson and Thomas were with Max sweet!


Jen said...

All three of those boys are precious gifts!

rebecca said...

You and E have amazing kids.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Go Max Go! You can do it!