Sunday, July 29, 2012

MRI and CT scan

On Friday we headed to Swedish Hospital in Seattle for an MRI and CT scan for Mighty Max. The MRI was for the endocrinologist to view the hypothalamus so that we can move forward with the growth hormone. The CT scan was for the ENT to view the ear structure and make sure the BAHA will be a good choice for Maxwell.

This was one of the easier medical tests for Max but it was more complicated of a sedation process than usual. It took many steps to get him sedated and then there were some issues afterwards with his blood pressure. He was very emotional throughout the beginning and end...and that wasn't easy on this mommy's heart. But it's over...and now we will have some answers. :)

Grammy helped entertain Max as I got him all checked in for the tests.
Our day started at 4am, so Max's good spirits were very appreciated!
How cute and strong is this little man?
Max decided he could take his own temperature.

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